Thursday, June 17, 2010

year two.

I found myself thinking about Chelsi today. And then I realized that it has been another year and that we haven't had her in our lives for two years now. It is crazy.
As I was reading my scriptures this morning, in them I have the letter that James wrote, that was read at her funeral.
I started reading it, and of course the first line brings tears to my eyes. But I continued reading.
a part struck me that she wrote to James the night of the accident.

She wrote, "...We always need to remember to take a stand for the Lord and to hold on to his standards and keeping his commandments. Don't ever let the devil influence you, James, or let fears ruin your mission in anyway because he is just trying to hold you back from becoming great. He is going to try and ruin everything you have and what means the most to you in life. Don't let him ruin anything and let my love strengthen you and keep you going."

These words may not mean anything to you now, but keep in mind that the Lord is always with us, and to let go of the fear in our hearts.

My thoughts turn to Chelsi during most week, and instead of crying in sadness, I think of her strength and faith to strengthen me. She is truly in a better place and we all miss her.
But we remember we are all striving to get where she is so we may be reunited with her and our Savior.

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Skyler and Bailey said...

Goodness, Make me cry! This was touching, thanks for posting this Missy. She is an amazing person and we miss her so much. Everyone does, I know.